The only thing that is constant is Change” said a famous Greek philosopher Heraclitus. We are supposed to flow with change and not be stuck in where we are for a long time. People don’t like to hear this, as it something difficult to comprehend, but staying stuck it a situation is their choice to make.
Your choices determine your destiny. If you don’t like where your life is at the moment, you have a choice to change it, and it does not have to be dramatic change, just making small steps towards a better future is fine.

The main reason you feel stuck right now is that you aren’t progressing. There are 9 specific reasons of why people get stuck:

1. You don’t take responsibility for your circumstances.
You may be stuck in a habit of blaming others for your circumstances. Or maybe you blame bad luck or bad karma. To change these negative habits, you need to start to believe that your situation is influenced by the choices you have made. Then, start making more empowered choices.

2. You’ve gone into a fear mode.
On the middle of doing something important you will encounter challenges. Many people give in to their fears and stop. One thing to remember about fear is – it’s a product of your imagination. It is not even real, but you make yourself believe that it is.

3. You continue to ignore following your dreams/heart.
The process of achieving your higher potential makes you feel truly ALIVE. It makes you live your life with purpose and on purpose. This is the healthiest state to be in. Having a purpose in life can heal an incurable illness, bring longevity and put you “in the flow” with Universal energy.

4. You’ve become just too negative.
Negativity makes you stop trusting people, it keeps you in continuous doubt, which is a subconscious blockage on its own. Doubt stops the energy flow and repels synchronicity. By releasing the doubt, you will connect to the feelings of Faith and Trust.

5. You don’t appreciate what you have. People who are not grateful for what they already have, do not get anymore good things from life. They only get more of the same things they can’t feel grateful about. Pause for a moment, connect to your heart and “Thank you, thank you, thank you … Universe, Life, Divine…. for everything I have in my life.”

6. You keep thinking about the past.
You can create only in the NOW. If you continue to send your energy to keep the dead past alive – you will have no energy left to create anything new. Pause for a moment, take a deep breath and bring your attention to your body, feel its energy/ sensations of the NOW.

7. You keep looking for happiness outside yourself.
You may think that someone else will make you happy. You may think that if you had a boyfriend or a girlfriend – then you will be happy. The fact is that happiness is an internal state. The more you look for it outside of yourself the more it hides from you.

8. You’re still looking for the effortless way.
You may believe in quick fixes and easy ways out. You think that somebody else has all the answers. The fact is that there is no easy way out. You absolutely must focus on what you want to achieve, and it will take your time, effort and energy to do this.

9. You need to let go and forgive.
Forgiveness is an absolute necessity for healing any life. When you forgive – you do it for yourself, and this is the most selfish act you will ever do. True forgiveness is achieved when you look back at the people or situations that hurt you, and you feel no pain at all. On the contrary, you can feel grateful to these people for giving you the lessons that you learned at that time, as you have become the strong and courageous person you are now: rejoice in this.
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