Dr Irina Webster conducts regular Intuitive Healing/ Medical Intuition workshops in Australia and overseas.

Practical Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing


Workshop / 2-day Course. 18th – 19th November, 2017

Practical Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing. 2-day Workshop

Dr Irina Webster conducts regular Intuitive Healing/ Medical Intuition workshops in Australia and overseas.

Learn how Your Biography becomes Your Biology.  It means all your past experiences are recorded in your body and organs as cellular memories. And it is possible to sense the energy of your past experiences which are buried in your body and then release them.

We are all born with intuitive abilities. That we may not all be attuned to our inner voice is another matter, but we are all born with an intuitive instinct that activates, for example, our fight-or-flight mechanism and our gut response when we meet someone new, telling us whether we trust this new person or not. This survival sense is also attuned to our health.

We don’t really need the help of outsiders for as much information as we think, if we would only just pay more attention to our body. Indeed, our survival intuition is the inner physician that nature herself has provided each of us.

In this 2-day workshop you will learn:


Where are our emotions kept in the body?

We have 7 energy centers in our body that are responsible for very specific kinds of emotions. These energy centers contain very specific information about your family, society, relationships, your personal likes and dislikes, your love, your freedom, money, sex and personal power.

Your energy runs through these centers all the time when you are alive.


Your Health are linked to your life purpose.

You were born with an inherent spiritual task to learn to use your energy responsibly, wisely and lovingly in order to stay healthy and pass on good energy to others.

Distributing the energy in a negative way or weaving your spirit in negative things will create pains and aches, illnesses and conditions.


How can you sense these very specific energies in yourself and others?

Medical intuition is a skill that allows you to do that. Throughout history we have had talented Medical Intuitives who have been able to sense the energy in the human body. Some of these people are Caroline Myss, Dr Mona Lisa Schulz, Louise Hay and many others… All of them have stated that Medical Intuition is a skill which anybody can learn.

This workshop will help you acquire this unique skill of how to:


detect a problem in a person’s body


sense different energetic frequency of particular organs


sense the vibrations of sick body parts (and how to differentiate from healthy parts)


sense and identify energy blockages in different parts of the body


remove the energy toxins from energy centers


identify which energy centers to heal and how to do that


clean the energetically contaminated areas in the body


energise the depleted areas in the body

This will give all participants a clear understanding of how to use medical intuition to identify the negative energetic patterns in a person’s body and help that person to heal.

The cost for this 2-days workshop “Practical Medical Intuition and Intuitive Healing. “ is $ 399

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If you’re a health care enthusiast, self-healer, holistic therapist, naturopath, a body worker, health/wellness practitioner or a Reiki master and you want to learn the skill of medical intuition and intuitive healing for yourself and to be able to help others heal you can check out Dr Irina’s 6-month on-line training program “Become an Intuitive Healer and a Medical Intuitive”

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