Sensitive people (or you can call them intuitive empaths) absorb the energy of stressful emotions from other people. It can trigger panic attacks, depression, overeating, sex and drug binges, and a range of physical symptoms and diseases. If you process emotional energy this way, you probably have had certain signs and symptoms since childhood. See if my experiences sound familiar: I’ve always been sensitive to other people’s emotions, good and bad. Even as a child, I was able to sense energy around people although at that time I couldn’t explain what it was. I could just feel if people were kind or not, sick or healthy. I also felt how other people affected my body; I could experience physical pain in my body when in contact with certain people or absolute serenity and joy when with others.

For a long time I didn’t know what was wrong with me. When I said about my feelings and sensations to my colleagues or friends they often told me: “You must toughen up.” Or “You must grow a ‘thicker’ skin, Irina”.

It was a huge relive for me to know and realize that I am an intuitive empath or a highly sensitive person, and that I must practice energy hygiene and protect myself to stay healthy.

  1. Over the years I have done many methods to protect my energy. Here are some of them which I found the most useful.
  2. Schedule a regular time with yourself: spending time alone creates the space needed to release emotions, energy and stress.
  3. Repeat often and continuously keep in mind positive affirmations “I am safe, secure, supported and protected.”
  4. Shielding: Placing a protective shield of gold light around myself when I am in an energy heated situation – with a difficult person, or going through a difficult situation.
  5. Regular meditation: preferably daily.
  6. Letting go and forgive daily. That means getting out of my ego and connecting to my intuition or Divine.
  7. Using candles and incense in my office and home in order to purify the energy of my environment.
  8. Grounding myself: visualizing that I have strong, long and branched out roots which connect me to the middle of the Earth.
  9. Soothing Sounds: relax yourself using beautiful and flowing music or nature sounds.
  10. Connecting to animals and nature: being in nature or spending time with animals.
  11. Conscious breathing: just focus on my breathing and nothing else.
  12. Connecting to my dreams: asking questions before going to bed and recording my dreams in my dream journal.
  13. Practicing gratitude on daily basis: just say out loud what you are grateful for every day.

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