Many people asking me about what it means to have birthmarks and moles on their body. Well, birthmarks and moles do have meaning and they influence the energetics of a person.  In Europe in the middle ages having a certain birthmark, people were burnt at the stake. All because these unusual skin changes were considered ‘marks from the devil’. During the time of the Inquisition a person was believed to be witch only because of a birthmark/mole in a prominent place.

There are three places on the human body, where birthmarks/moles imply the presence of extrasensory and highly intuitive abilities.

Birthmarks/moles on the temple. A person with such a birthmark has a very developed intuition. They should really listen to their inner voice and learn to differentiate the voices of intuition, from the voices of fear and brain chatter. Such people have the ability to predict upcoming events, they can quickly recognize a lie and see through people.

Birthmark/moles just above the knee. This birthmark indicates the presence of magician abilities. People who have a mark just above the knee, can communicate with the other worlds/dimensions. They often dream about deceased relatives, because they have a strong energy connection with another world.

Birthmark/moles above the upper lip. People with such a birthmark/ mole have hypnotic abilities and the gift of persuasion. They have an inner charm and can attract people easily. Moreover, they have a gift of materializing their words. These people need to learn to control their speech, since almost everything that comes out from their mouth can turn into reality. Also, people with birthmarks above the lip can influence and affect the moods of other people. They may have the ability to “put a spell “on some vulnerable people – people who feel unsafe, insecure and unprotected in their life in general. The strength of people with birthmarks/moles above their upper lip is in the words they say.

The meaning of birthmarks / moles on the body is interpreted according to their location. As a rule, they reveal information about the character of a person and their talents. Some moles can appear and disappear – this reflect changes in a person’s life. The significance of the birthmarks, which are described above, are special, and people who have them should consider their sacred meaning.

Conclusion: The connection between our body and psyche is undeniable. Only harmony between these two can make a person truly healthy. Our biography literary becomes our Biology. We need to learn to identify emotional patterns in the body that lead to diseases that creates problems in people’s life. This ability is called Medical Intuition. The process of healing specific emotional patterns that become the root cause of an illness, is called Intuitive Healing. If you are interested in learning more about Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing, I am inviting you to attend my “Practical Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing” 2-day workshop on the 18-19 of November(Saturday – Sunday) from 10 am -5 pm on both days. To learn more click on “Practical Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing” 2-day workshop.