Accredited course about the Power of Archetypes and Sacred Contracts.

2- full day course on Friday (the 7th of July) and Sunday (the 9th of July) 2017
Time: from  10am -5pm
plus homework (educational material) sent via email before each class.

Created by Dr Irina Webster, accredited Mentor of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Dearest Spiritual Seeker!

Everyone has gotten fooled by someone; for example, when you say, “I thought I knew this person, but then he or she turned out to be a compulsive liar (Shapeshifter archetype), or an Addict or a Hustler or a Pirate (by their internal quality). Looking back, your intuition probably alerted you when you were sensing the subtle vibes from this person, but your logical mind had totally dismissed this and you just “heard” what you wanted to hear – but not the truth.

Those physical senses are difficult to compete with, especially when intuitive hits often lack hardcore evidence. Intuition, after all, is “air data.”

The truth is that our soul made sacred agreements with certain characters (or archetypes), that become leading powers in our life. These characters / archetypes dictate the way we make choices in life, attract certain people, jobs, personal interests, experience specific failures, betrayals, or become very successful in only some things, and not others.

We all have 12 primary archetypes which are intimately connect to our psyche, and according to how your life unfolds. 4 of them are survival archetypes, and we all share them. These are the Victim, Saboteur, Prostitute, and various degrees of the Child archetype, (such as the Magical /Nature /Invisible/ Orphan /Wounded /Step, etc.). We each then have a configuration of eight additional archetypes assigned to us from the cosmos that fill out our twelve. Other archetypal patterns often influence our lives along the way, but our core twelve remain with us, forming that which is “consistent” with our behavior throughout our lives.

During this 2- day course we will discover:

– 4 major archetypes that are responsible for your survival

– 8 major archetypes that are responsible for your thriving and blossoming

– How to Balance your archetypal energies

– How to Discover Your Sacred Contracts

– How to create your own archetypal chat

After creating your personal Archetypal Wheel, you will be able to understand:

– This is why I had to divorce this person.

– This is why I failed at this job/work.

– This is why I had contracted this illness.

– This is why I did this and that at a particular time in my life.

– And much much more…. About your life.

The learning in this course is massive. Each Archetype in your personal chat is connected to a certain Astrological House and we will match them together using an intuitive healing technique. We will learn everything in a step-by-step manner over four Sundays, plus additional homework which will be sent to you after each class via email.

Time: 10 am to 5 pm on Friday (the 7 of July) and  Sunday (the 9 of July) 

Price: $ 399
For people who have done my Intuitive Healing Practitioner course the price is $350

Address: 29 Goldfinch Cct. Theodore

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