There is so much more to overeating and obesity that is conventionally accepted. When I look at traditional weight loss programs I see that they don’t factor in how we process subtle body energy which is also called life force or chi (in Chinese) or prana (Hindu). Subtle energy runs through the body and surrounds the body of every person.
Many people overeat in response to being overwhelmed by negative energy. It is especially common for sensitive people (or intuitive empaths – people who absorb the stressful energy of others).
Energetically, overeating and obesity look like this: When sensitive people are thin they have less protection, and are more vulnerable to absorb negative energy. Therefore, their body needs to keep fat to use it as a buffer to absorb the vibes of others. Energy is at the root cause of an empath’s hunger.

In my Intuitive Healing Practitioner course, we look at the energetic issues of weight/food problems in detail, and learn what to do about this according to the psycho-type of a person.

Now I want to suggest 8 crucial interventions you can use to stop compulsive eating:

1. You must identify the impulse to overeat.
Observe yourself and pinpoint the moment when the urges to overeat hit.
Take a deep breath and ask yourself: “Is this a True Need or is this an Addictive Craving?”
A true need comes from a centred place, has nothing to do with soothing the emotions (comfort foods). True need involves no mood swings-sedation or elation – rather an even feeling of satisfaction.

2. Pinpoint the energetic trigger for addictive cravings.
Immediately ask yourself:” Have I been exposed to bad energies? Where do the negativities come from?” Stay calm and logically identify the cause and effect. Remember that you don’t have to be a victim of negative energy. The trick here is to clear it as soon as possible once you’ve been slimed.

3. Breathe the Negative Energy Out of Your Body.
Calm down and breathe. Breathe out fear. Breath in strengths and vitality. Visualize negative energy leaving your body when you exhale. Repeat the word “Clear” until you feel lighter.

4. Pray to Release the Addictive Craving
Find a quiet spot to pray and meditate. Ask the Intuitive Healing Power to release the additive cravings from your body.

5. Use water to wash away negative energy.
Take a bath or shower. Or you can just wash your hands and face. Visualize you are washing away negativity. Water is a great purifier.

6. Burn purifying incense or white candles to clear the space around.
White candles and purifying incense clear the space in the house and burn negative energy.

7. Visualize a Gold Light  Around You
Gold light is protective. It repels negativity and shields your aura.

8. Practice intuitive eating.
Develop a diet that satisfies your energetic needs and listen to your body about its true needs.

Food is no place to be passive. The interventions I teach in one of the modules from my Intuitive Healing Practitioner course, will allow you to use energy to stay slim and healthy and practice intuitive eating, rather than follow strict diets and regiments that don’t work.