Let’s check how you manifest and process Female energy.

Answer the following questions “yes” or “no”.

1.    Do you feel the joy of life – feel “the taste of life”? Do you feel that your life is full of nice moments? It can be pleasant meetings with girlfriends, heartfelt talks, enjoyable hobbies, connection to nature or interesting work you do. It can be other little things that make our life delicious and full.

2.    Do you please your body with regular massage, manicure, pedicure, spa or facials?

3.    You feel OK about male power. Means: you don’t compete with men, and have no desire to prove something to them.

4.    Do you allow yourself to be frivolous? – Fooling around and enjoying life like a little girl?

5.    Do you spend time in nature, in beautiful places, pleasing your eyes and other senses?

6.    Do you regularly do something with your hands? – playing an instrument, painting, knitting, pottering and creating …the beauty.

7.    Do you train your body physically? Regularly practicing yoga, dancing and going to gym to feel the sense of joy in your body.

8.    Is it easy for you to ask for help from other people? Accept help and support? Receive gifts from others?

9.    You do not take on too much responsibility on yourself. You allow other people to make their own mistakes to learn and grow. You are not trying to correct and stop them from following their path. You do not criticize yourself and do not try to do everything by yourself.

For each “YES” give yourself 10 points. For each “NO” – 0 points

0 – 40 points. You have a low level of female energy. Your leading energy is male energy. It’s easier for you to do everything yourself than to ask for help from others. You compete with men and want to prove that you are the best! You are focused on the result and want to get it at any cost. You are tense and uptight.  You are afraid to relax or be “weak”.  You are afraid to lose your mask of being “the best” and want to remain the leader at any cost. You do not trust and try to control the uncontrollable. You are also very critical of your body, you do not like it much, you would like to fix it or change it.

50 – 70 points. You have an average level of female energy. You use both male and female energies. In some situations, you can trust the flow and let others help you. But at the same time, you like to keep everything under control to achieve results. You can afford some weaknesses, and yet remain strong. It is important that you do not get carried away by the flow of male energy in you, which sometimes seems more attractive and effective than female energy. You know how to listen to yourself, but you have some bodily and emotional blocks.

80 – 90 points.
You have a very high level of female energy. You are a real woman. For you, there is no competition with men, because a man is just another soul for you. You know your strengths and weaknesses, and you skillfully use both. You easily ask for help and accept gifts. You love and accept yourself but at the same time, you love to care and help others. You like the process of life – not just the result. You like to do something creative.  Your life is successful, you regularly experience synchronistic events during which you feel that you are meeting the right people at the right time, and with the right opportunities. You love and accept your body. You care, nurture and cherish it. You like taking care of yourself. You are very attentive to yourself, your body and your feelings.

Conclusion: The connection between our body and psyche is undeniable. Only harmony between these two can make a person truly healthy. Our biography literary becomes our Biology. We need to learn to identify emotional patterns in the body that lead to diseases that creates problems in people’s life. This ability is called Medical Intuition. The process of healing specific emotional patterns that become the root cause of an illness, is called Intuitive Healing. If you are interested in learning more about Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing, I am inviting you to attend my “Practical Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing” 2-day workshop on the 18-19 of November(Saturday – Sunday) from 10 am -5 pm on both days. To learn more click on “Practical Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing” 2-day workshop.