Often our illness brings us a symbolic message about our life and the world we live in. Your body literary cries your tears concerning your unexpressed, trapped and buried emotions. You just need to learn to understand the language in which your body speaks through its pains, aches and symptoms.

Let’s assume that you suffer from stomach ulcers? – Then you are probably stuck in a pattern of blaming, self-criticising, behaving in a superior and controlling way, but feeling fearful and inferior inside.
Having a neck pain? – this is the time for you to throw off somebody who is sitting on it.
Having an aching back? – take off the excessive physical and emotional burdens you carry on your back.
Suffer from bouts of asthma? Think about who and what is stopping you from breathing fully, and is clamping your oxygen tube.

Even the father of Medicine Hippocrates taught us that the body is a whole structure, and we must look for the cause of disease and not just treat the symptoms. In most cases, the reasons for our illnesses are emotional and mental patterns that we are not aware about, but repeat over and over again. So, our body must bury them, hide them, trap them inside our organs and cells. Bodily symptoms often explain our psychological struggles. No wonder people say: “all diseases are from stress”. However, we often don’t have a clue about what exactly our body is telling us and continue chasing doctor after doctor … in a vain attempt to find a ‘cure’.

The only way out of this situation is not just to eliminate the symptoms, but to look for the roots of the disease. This is what psychosomatics (Greek psyche – soul, soma – body) – is, a science that studies the influence of psychological factors on bodily functions.

Stresses, prolonged tension, mental traumas, repressed grief and losses, fears, conflicts … Even if we try not to notice them, forget them, force them out of our consciousness – the body remembers everything…and reminds us. Sigmund Freud wrote about this: “If we drive the problem out the door, it climbs in through the window.”
Let’s look at some of the most common illness, and their connection with the psyche.

1. Asthma occurs when certain allergens get into the respiratory tract or it can be triggered by infections, but it can also be triggered by emotional factors.
Psychological explanation for asthma is the inability of a person to “breathe with a full chest.” Often, asthma strikes when we are looking for and can’t find an “outlet” for a heavy and oppressive atmosphere, that makes us feel like we can’t get a “breath of fresh air”.
A trigger for asthma can be a harmful situation at work, where an employee gets his “oxygen cut”. Or, the invasion of relatives, who firmly settles themselves in your apartment – so you cannot breathe. Problems with breathing often occur in people whose relatives literally “suffocate” them with their care, especially in children whose parents are too tight and “squeeze them in their arms” …
As a rule, asthmatics in life do not cry. Such people restrain tears and sobbing. Asthma is a suppressed cry … an attempt to express what cannot be expressed in another way …

2. Ulcers.
It is believed that stomach ulcers can be triggered by smoking, drinking, poor diets, hereditary predisposition, high acid in the stomach, and by a bacterium called Helicobacter Pylori. Facts also tell us, that not all people who have these factors develop this illness.
Why is this?…
Most scientists agree that, among other things, the long-term stress and specific personality traits play a significant role in ulcer development.
They believe that often a stomach ulcer occurs in people who are anxious, vulnerable, insecure, but the same time, put too high a demand on themselves, and being over-responsible. These people are unhappy with themselves, are prone to self-sabotage and blame. The cause of their ulcers is not what they eat, but what gnaws them. They often are “stuck” in situations, and are unable to move forward, saying “I need time to digest it”. And their stomach is digesting it for them.

3. Back pains.
Back pains occur for many reasons. Injuries, physical overload, work situations and cold exposure … Your back can also get sick from a strong emotional reaction and chronic tension in life.
It is not surprising that often a person with “unbearable burdens”, who are tired and bear a heavy cross, gets a pain in the back. It is this part of our body that carries our weight for us.

4. Diabetes does not come from a sweet life. It is quite the contrary … This disease, according to psychologists, get provoked by conflicts in the family, long-term stress and resentment. But the main psychological cause of diabetes is the unsatisfied need for love and tenderness. Experiencing a chronic “hunger for love”, wanting to ‘taste’ at least some joy in life, a person starts to satisfy his emotional needs through food. It is food that becomes his main source of pleasure – sweet things first of course. Then, they experience overeating, obesity, increased blood sugar and a disappointing diagnosis – diabetes. As a result, sweets – the last source of pleasure – becomes forbidden.
Advice: You will be able to receive sweet things from the outside world only if you make your life “sweet.” Learn to enjoy life. Learn what brings you pleasure and joy apart from food. Engage in these activities and make it a part of your daily life.

5. Dizziness.
Dizziness can be a manifestation of a car sickness, or a symptom of other illnesses, including serious ones. Doctors should decide. But if the endless trips to doctors do not bring any results, it makes sense to look at your problem from the point of view of psychosomatics.
Perhaps the circumstances of your life recently make you “spin like a squirrel in a wheel.” Or there is so much going on around you that your head is spinning. Or maybe you have advanced in your career so fast, that you are literally at a “dizzy height”?
In this case, you should think about what is really important for you, and focus, above all, on the main thing.

6. Hair loss also has many causes: a genetic predisposition, hormonal problems and, of course, stress. Often, people start to lose hair after a serious a nervous shock. It can be loss of a loved one, divorce, or financial collapse … If we blame ourselves for what happened, desperately regretting the past, we literally begin to “tear our hair out.”
Rapid hair loss in this case suggests that: “It’s time to drop all the outdated and needless things. Then, it will be replaced by something new… including the new hair.

7. Trigeminal Neuralgia is one of the most painful conditions known to mankind. Doctors can’t explain the exact causes of it. How can it be explained from a point of view of psychosomatics?
Our face shows our emotions. But, if we do not want to show our “true face”, and if we try to hide it, we quite literary begin to “lose our face”. We start to lose our reputation, and sometimes, wanting to make a good impression, we “put on masks”, “glue a smile”, we try to show that we are interested in the work … but we really are not. In other words, “we make a good face in a bad game”.

8. Sore throat often has psychological roots. We have this condition when we get “fed up to the throat” with a family situation. Or we need to take sick leave because they “took us by the throat” at work…
Sore throats occur when we cannot express our feelings and cannot “sing our own song.” Or when we must “swallow” an offence, because we are unable to stand up for ourselves. And when some people or situations just “get stuck in our throat”.

The connection between our body and psyche is undeniable. Only harmony between these two can make a person truly healthy. Our biography literary becomes our Biology. We need to learn to identify emotional patterns in the body that lead to diseases that creates problems in people’s life. This ability is called Medical Intuition. The process of healing specific emotional patterns that become the root cause of an illness, is called Intuitive Healing. If you are interested in learning more about Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing, I am inviting you to attend my “Practical Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing” 2-day workshop on the 18-19 of November(Saturday – Sunday) from 10 am -5 pm on both days. To learn more click on “Practical Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing” 2-day workshop.