We all heard the phrase: “You feel it – when you meet your man.” And the same is true in the opposite case: your body feels it, when he is not your person.

Even scientific studies show that our body knows when we need to stay away from someone, even before our mind understands it. And here’s how:

1. You feel tension in the body, even if the person looks very kind. You know there’s no reason to be nervous, but you just can’t relax being with this person.

2. You don’t understand his body language. Maybe his eyes seem empty or his smile is insincere. Maybe you feel that his body language is aggressive, although he talks very nicely. This discrepancy confuses you.
Our subconscious mind notices small nuances in the energy of another person. So, if you feel something is wrong, listen to your intuition.

3. Sometimes you think that he has a secret that you wouldn’t like. This is important to acknowledge, because a person who’s honest with you, would not cause any suspicions.

4. You don’t like his smell. It’s not about his perfume. It’s about a natural smell. There are such things as pheromones, and they affect attractiveness and compatibility.

5. Even when you’re happy with him, you don’t feel like everything is as it should be. You can’t logically explain it, but you keep feeling that something’s wrong.

6. You observe him, but not in a good way. It’s like you’re afraid of him, and every second you try to guess his true intentions. You, subconsciously, feel like you are watching a predator, just like a deer looking at the hunter, waiting for his next move.

7. When you first met, you felt a physical rejection, but tried to be nice. The truth is that your body was right. You should trust your intuition.

8. You don’t feel physical attraction to him. Your body doesn’t connect to his body. Without this attraction, relationships will not survive for very long. You may become “just friends” but not intimate partners.
We develop illnesses and conditions when we stop listening to our body. Every illness, pain and ache are messages from your body about how you live your life. To learn more about Intuitive Healing and Medical Intuition, I am inviting you to join my Intuitive Healing Practitioner course, where we will cover this topic in greater detail. Click here to read about the course http://dririnawebster.com/popular-training-programs/