If your child has problems…. Think…. maybe by looking in to your own feelings of being hurt in the past, you will find some answers …

A mother of a two-year old boy has recently told me that her son has been diagnosed with deafness. It was a second child in the family and he was not particularly welcome. The family really wanted a girl, not a boy. When she had an ultrasound to find out the baby’s sex and the doctor told “You have a boy “, her husband said loudly “Well…nothing we can do to change it …” Whether he was unhappy with the news of her second pregnancy, or something else in the marriage made him unhappy – we don’t know.

But the woman’s feelings of being wronged by her husband were obvious.  Holding on to this wound, affected her feelings about her son. She felt dubious: from one side, she loved her son but on the other side she felt resentment towards the boy – the feelings she tried to deny and was uncomfortable to admit.

The wound caused by the words of her husband stopped her from unconditionally loving and accepting her child.

The family went through a lot of conflicts, tears, mixed feelings about the child’s illness. They blamed each other and argued about what might have caused the child’s illness, and whose side of the family it came from.

In general, this reaction to a shock was quite justified.

A surprise came later…

After the boy got a hearing aid and started to hear voices and sounds, I met the woman again. She was a new person…She told me, that when she witnessed her child first reaction to her voice, she experienced a miracle transformation. When her son heard her voice for the very first time he started to smile, laugh, and then opened his arms to embrace her with joy and innocence… “This is what real LOVE is…” – the words that came to her at this moment.

From this moment, she realised how insignificant her grudges, hurts and past wounds were. She went through a stage of Forgiveness to her husband, and the family reunited with Love and Faith.   

Now, listen to this carefully….

It is the child’s illness that allowed the parents to forgive each other, and come together again; to heal their child. Their son’s illness became the reason for family to grow stronger and love each other again.  

What I am suggesting is that the child’s illness was a message to his parents to learn to love unconditionally. Love each other and love life in general.


To heal a child, first of all, you need to look at your own emotions and release all hurts, grades, victimhood, criticism, blame and the feelings of being stuck. Then from this pure state of forgiveness you should act and do the necessary steps towards healing and recovery.

Health problems in infants are connected to the problem in the heads and hearts of their parents. The problems which started at the time of conception, during pregnancy and after birth.

If your child is sick, look at what you need to change in your life, what you need to release and get rid of completely. Then find new things you need to establish instead.

And lastly: Love is here to help you…No matter how tough, unfair or hurtful your circumstances are; still find Love. Send love to the person who hurt you or has been unfair to you. What they did was the only thing they could do at the time. It was the only thing they were aware of. 

Forgive them unconditionally and release all the negative energy that is holding you back. And of course, thank the father (mother) of your child. At least for the fact, that now, you have this miracle – your child. Send them love every day because this Love goes not just to them but your child as well.  

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