Chromotherapy Healing Cards.

By Dr Irina Webster

I have been attracted to the energy of colours all my life. As a child I sensed energy around people and described it in colours. Once, when my mother was upset with one of her friend I commented: “Mum, whenever Anna comes over to visit us, I always see the colour around you change differently.” She thought I meant blushing, and answered: ‘You know, when you think differently about different people, this happens.” But I said, “No, it’s not how you look, it’s how the colours that surround you change.”

That’s when she looked at me totally surprised, and said: “What colours? ” My parents just thought I was kidding or imagining things.

During my time working with people in regards to Intuitive Healing, I studied how the energy of colours affect the mind and soul. I experimented with many people the colour energy effects, and how they associate this colour energy with the energy of music, food, smell, gemstones, and plant/herbs. When I looked at people answers, I was surprised that some associations were similar. As a result of this research, I created my “Chromotherapy Healing Cards”.

How it works?

Each colour represents a spectrum of electromagnetic waves that affects our feelings, moods and psyche in certain ways. Every disease, emotion or illness also give off certain energy and vibrations. For ex., inflammation is associated with red, while depression is associated with blue.
Different energies of colours interact with each other and produce specific results.

The cards will show you:

• what colour do you need right now to help yourself heal- mentally, physically and emotionally
• what colour do you need to heal a specific organ or body part
• what specific music will help you connect to the energy of a particular colour
• what smell can help you connect to a particular colour
• what food to eat to connect to the energy of each colour
• what gemstone to connect to evoke the energy of a particular colour
• what plants to grow in your garden to enhance the power of each colour

Energy Healing Cards

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