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Dr Irina Webster does not claim to cure anybody. On the contrary, all information on this site is about self-healing and the user of the material is only responsible for his/her own healing.

Dr Irina Webster holds Russian qualification as a medical doctor – Pediatrician. She practiced as a doctor – Pediatrician in Russia from 1993 to 2001.

In Australia she passed MCQ Medical exam and practiced as a doctor in the Canberra hospital for 3 years (2004-2007) in a general practice area.  She quit the conventional medical system in Australia 2007 to conduct her research in Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing.

Following her retirement from the conventional medical industry in Australia, she promotes the value of Medical Intuition and Intuitive Healing to the world.  She is the founder of ‘Intuitive Healing Power’ – an organisation that provides Intuitive Healing & Medical Intuition practitioner training programs. She is an author and a public speaker.

Dr Irina Webster has set this site up for educational purposes only.