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10 Rules on How We Develop our Relationships.

If you look at your partners, you’ll see in them your mirror image. Before you attract a person, you open a door for them to come in. It sounds strange but most people don’t see their contribution in the development of the events in their life.  They consider their personal events as a fluke, or accidents which just happened to them.
In fact, your relationship is your mirror. Looking at your partner you see your reflection of who you are – spiritually, emotionally, intuitively.

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The Sacred Meaning of Birthmarks and Moles on Your Body.

The meaning of birthmarks / moles on the body is interpreted according to their location. As a rule, they reveal information about the character of a person and their talents. Some moles can appear and disappear – this reflect changes in a person’s life. The significance of the birthmarks, which are described above, are special, and people who have them should consider their sacred meaning.

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