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Me In 30 Seconds:

I’m passionate about combining medical science and spirituality in a way that not only facilitates the health of an individual but also heals humanity.

Beginning from being an empowered patient and a conscientious medical doctor at the time, I came to a conclusion that our emotions — how we feel— are the best predictors of our overall happiness, health, success, and our place in society. I found one skill that allows you to pinpoint emotional patterns in the body that lead to disease and create problems in people’s life: it is Medical Intuition. The other skill – Intuitive Healing – helps to heal negative emotions and completely eliminate these energies from the body.

I am dedicated to teaching people how to use Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing- in their life (private, social and professional) in a way that facilitate radical healing at a much deeper level than we’ve been told in our culture to believe in.

I remedy not just bodies, but souls.

I believe that the key to wellness, vitality and longevity is an optimistic attitude, the readiness to give and receive love generously, engaging in work that you love, expressing your creativity from the heart, being who you really are unpretentiously and unapologetically, moving your body healthily, eating moderately, resting regularly, connecting to the Source and listening to your intuition.

I’m inspired by people who have courage to transform their challenges into spiritual growth, who are brave enough to show their vulnerabilities and face the risk and uncertainties, who are courageous enough to live their life from the heart, even when those hearts are at risk of getting hurt. I am inspired by those who can dare greatly despite their challenges, weaknesses and circumstances.

I love to spend my free time jogging early morning in the park, meditating at sunset, hiking in the forest, listening to light live music, and dancing on Friday night.


Stuff That I Would put On My Resume, If I Had One

I graduated as a medical doctor from the Northern State Medical University (Russia) in 1993 obtaining the qualification of doctor-paediatrician. In my early years of being a doctor I had a great interest in immunology and even did my post-graduation studies in this field acquiring a qualification of children Immunologist –Allergist from the Medical University of Saint-Petersburg (Russia). This 7-year practice in immunology gave me lots of insight into the human immune system and how our body gets protected from certain diseases.

In the Medical University of Saint-Petersburg I had my first connection to a new science called Psychoneuroimmunology (Psycho means psyche, neuro is for nervous system and immunology is for immune system). This science shows the connection of the psyche (emotions) and immune response from the physical body. From there I learned that our mind has an absolute power over our body and that what we feel and think is more important for our health then even diets, exercise or environment.

Psychoneuroimmunology research shows that negative thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions weaken the nervous and immune systems and lead to disease.

This concept is not new, and ancient wisdom has always encouraged us to focus on maintaining a ‘healthy’ mind in order to maintain a healthy body. It is only now with the help of Psychoneuroimmunology that we are able to prove and understand this connection.

When I moved to Australia in 2001, I had to learn English first and sit many exams: English and medical. I passed the exams and then, from 2003 I worked as a doctor in Canberra hospital (Australia). After leaving my medical practice in 2007, I started my own mind-body medicine practice where I helped eating disorder sufferers to overcome their problems by self-empowering and opening their heart to grater love and compassion.

I closed my Eating Disorders Help clinic in 2010 to pursue writing, teaching, and speaking full time on the topic of spiritual empowerment, self-healing, connecting to the intuitive source. I travelled extensively to promote my books, workshops and seminars in Australia and all over the world.

In 2014 I founded Intuitive Healing Power – an organisation that teaches people to become intuitive healers, and practice medical intuition skills in daily life and professionally.

My two last books “The Secret Energy of Your Body: An Intuitive Guide to Healing, Health and Wellness” and “Pregnancy from A to Z: An Expectant Parent’s Guide to Wellness” have become Amazon best-sellers in a few weeks after publishing, which made me feel even more appreciative for my work.

Currently, I am conducting regular workshops and courses on Medical Intuition & Intuitive Healing, doing private and public Intuitive Healing sessions and planning on writing another book on the topic of connecting medical science and spirituality, to help people heal.